Dermisplus Prevent Tubes

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5 x 10s Dermisplus Prevent Tubes 0.2cm x 10cm
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Dermisplus Prevent Tubes

New Dermisplus® Prevent Tubes are innovative tri-block polymer gel tubes designed to redistribute pressure caused by medical devices from nasal cannulas to catheters. They are simple and easy to secure for every patient, any tube, in any location.

NEW Dermisplus® Prevent Tubes is ideal for respiratory and other medical tubing. Using a polymer gel, it protects skin by conforming to the patient’s anatomy and the device to effectively redistribute pressure, thereby reducing the risks of MDRPU (MDRPI). 

Existing solutions require users to cut, shape, stick and pack. Dermisplus Prevents’ design allows for simple, easy and secure positioning, for every patient, whatever the tube or location.

AROUND 50% of all hospital acquired PUs (PIs) can be attributed to medical devices

Dermisplus Prevent Tubes supports International guideline recommendation 8.3 and 8.41, by redistributing pressure under medical devices to minimise pressureand shear2. 
Dermisplus Prevent Tubes is non adhesive to allow for thorough and repeated assessments of the skin underneath and around devices. 
Dermisplus Prevent Tubes reduces the risk of hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU)2, 5. 
Dermisplus Prevent Tubes can be cut to size and can be washed and re-used on the same patient. 
Multiple tubes can be used to ensure full coverage of the device, over vulnerable areas.

Available in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, Dermisplus Prevent products are durable and conformable making them ideal for use over bony prominences or with medical devices.

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How does it work?

Dermisplus Prevent redistributes peak pressures over a wider surface area so reducing the risk of pressure related tissue damage.

It can be used anywhere on the body which is identified as being ‘at risk’, especially where there are bony prominences for example, on heels, elbows and sacral areas but also under medical devices such as, medical tubing, mask straps and other equipment.

Reducing Pressure

Dermisplus Prevent Offers a 10% Reduction in Peak Pressures

The results of comparative testing of Dermisplus Prevent sheets in comparison to Aderma dermal pads, found that Dermisplus Prevent offers on average a 10% better peak pressure redistribution – so providing more effective pressure redistribution and helping to protect your patients from pressure damage.

Reducing Costs

Using Dermisplus Prevent could reduce spend on pressure redistribution pads by up to 22% versus competitor products and so helping to reduce the financial burden associated with pressure ulcer prevention and management.


Dermisplus Prevent Pressure Redistribution Tubes

  • Contents: 5 x 10s Dermisplus Prevent Pressure Redistribution Tubes
  • Dimensions: L 100mm x W 8mm x H 8mm
  • Order Code: 8500010
  • PIP Code: 4198909


Indications for use

Dermisplus Prevent is indicated for use on:

  • Intact skin where there is a risk of pressure damage, including from medical devices
  • Areas of the body with existing Category 1 pressure damage
  • Recently healed ulcers to protect against the risk of re-ulceration