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Foot Protector

Repose Foot Protectors are a unique product designed specifically to minimise the risk of pressure damage to heels by off-loading.

A significant proportion of pressure ulcers occur on the heels due to a combination of pressure, friction and shear.

Whilst support surfaces assist in reducing pressure, only a specific device such as the Repose Foot Protector can ensure that pressure on the foot is relieved totally. Clinical studies have shown the heel Protectors to be effective in a wide variety of settings.

New Sizes Now Available

The Repose Foot Protector is now available in a range of sizes to support a variety of patient needs.


New sizes include the Repose Foot Protector Small and Repose Foot Protector Extra Small products.

To learn more about Repose Foot Protector please contact us using the button below.


  • Low Air technology distributes weight evenly and doesn’t lose its shape
  • Designed to relieve pressure on soft tissue areas and provide comfort
  • Lightweight for easier transport
  • Easy to clean and will deflate down to a compact size
  • Helps distribute pressure evenly
  • Repose can be cleaned and reused
  • Can be used with other dynamic or static support surfaces
  • Reduces impact of pressure, friction and shear


Foot Protector – Extra Small

  • Contents: 1 x Repose Foot Protector – Extra Small (Pair) & 1 x Small Pump
  • Inflated Dimensions: L 290mm x W 200mm x H 180mm
  • Order Code: 6531100
  • Max Patient Weight: No upper weight limit

Foot Protector – Small

  • Contents: 1 x Repose Foot Protector – Small (Pair) & 1 x Small Pump
  • Inflated Dimensions: L 330mm x W 200mm x H 205mm
  • Order Code: 6521100
  • Max Patient Weight: No upper weight limit

Foot Protector – Standard

  • Contents: 1 x Repose Foot Protector – Standard (Pair) & 1 x Small Pump
  • Inflated Dimensions: L 380mm x W 200mm x H 230mm
  • Order Code: 6501100
  • Max Patient Weight: No upper weight limit

Foot Protector – Large

  • Contents: 1 x Repose Foot Protector – Large (Pair) & 1 x Small Pump
  • Inflated Dimensions: L 510mm x W 200mm x H 330mm
  • Order Code: 6021100
  • Max Patient Weight: No upper weight limit

Additional Information

  • Inflation, deflation and repacking instructions: Please see download tab for instructions.
  • Cleaning instructions: Please see download tab for cleaning guidance.
  • Repose is supplied with a 3 year warranty as standard.

Clinical Information

Indications for use

Repose products provide effective pressure redistribution for all people at risk of developing pressure ulcers, including those assessed as very high risk. Repose is also appropriate for users with pressure related tissue damage – clinical supervision is advised where the damage is severe.

Limitations for use

Repose is not suitable for the following:

  • Persons weighing in excess of 139kg
  • Persons with unstable spinal fractures
  • Where body shape is such that the person cannot be fully supported by the Repose mattress overlay or cushion
  • Repose is suitable for use with bed and trolley side rails subject to the bed or trolley manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate risk assessment


If deterioration in skin condition is noted, clinical advice should be sought and, if so advised, use of the product discontinued. Avoid direct contact with heat and sharp objects. When deflated, keep away from babies and small children. Keep away from pets.


Is there a weight limit for patients using Repose?
Repose Foot Protector has no upper weight limit and there is no lower patient weight limit. Patients at the higher extremes of the weight range should be monitored regularly.

Do you have to manually set the pressure on Repose?
No, ‘smart valve’ technology in the pump automatically ensures Repose inflates to the optimal pressure. This pressure has been demonstrated over time (and supported by clinical trials) to be the optimal balance between comfort and efficacy for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

How should the products be cleaned?
Cleaning recommendations for Repose are similar to those for standard PU covered foam mattresses. Clean with soap and water and, if necessary, with a chlorine-based disinfectant (not phenol-based). The product should be dry before repackaging into the tube. Cleaning instructions are supplied with the product. Repose is reusable.

Can the product be repaired if it is punctured?
Puncture is an infrequent occurrence and is usually caused by pets. We have no evidence to support the use of Repose after repair and we therefore recommend that if the product is punctured, it should be replaced.

What is the fire resistance of the product?
Repose has been tested to conform with BS: 7175 Crib Test 5, (Methods of test for the ignitability of bedcovers and pillows by smouldering and flaming ignition sources).

Can Repose be inflated with the patient in place?
No, the ‘smart valve’ technology is designed to set pressures before the patient is in place. It takes less than a minute to inflate Repose prior to use.

Should the mattress overlay be covered by a sheet?
It is not necessary, however most patients find it comfortable and carers find it convenient to use a cotton sheet. If a sheet is used, it should be loosly fitted to ensure that “hammocking” does not occur.

What happens if the person requires CPR?
Repose is a low profile mattress overlay which contains no exposed metal or electrical elements and can be used safely during CPR.

How should the product be disposed of?
Repose is a CE marked medical device. At the end of its useful life, the product should be treated as healthcare waste and disposed of according to local healthcare waste guidelines. It may be incinerated with other healthcare waste.

Can the mattress overlay be used with electric under or over blankets?
Repose has not been tested for use with electric blankets. Frontier do not endorse or provide guidance on the use of Repose in association with electric blankets.

Does a patient on Repose still need to be turned?
Pressure ulcers result from a combination of factors including pressure, shear, friction, and maceration. In common with all pressure redistributing mattresses carers should follow standard protocols for turning the patient whilst on a Repose Mattress Overlay.

Is Repose latex – free?
Yes. Repose is latex – free and non – allergenic.

How can you place an order?
Should you wish to place an order, we require payment proforma and accept both cheque and debit cards. You may either telephone Customer Services on 01495 235 800 to place your order and pay via card, or post your order together with cheque to the below address.

Frontier Therapeutics Limited, Innova One Tredegar Business Park, Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent NP22 3EL

When will you receive your order?
Upon receipt of payment, delivery is within 5-7 working days.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Services on 0044 330 460 6030.

VAT Exemption

VAT refunds for disabled users

If you are chronically sick or disabled you may be eligible to claim back the VAT on your Repose order.

Quick Guide 

Step 1: Place and complete your Repose order.
Step 2: Download and complete the Eligibility Declaration Form.
Step 3: Send the completed form to Frontier Medical Group.
Step 4: If eligible we will refund the VAT to the card you used to process your Repose order.

To apply for VAT relief please complete your purchase and download the Eligibility Declaration Form. Please send the completed form to Frontier Medical Group, we will then process your application. If you are eligible for VAT relief we will refund the VAT to the card you used to process your order payment.

For further details please see our terms and conditions or visit the HMRC website.