ToTo® Lateral Turning System ToTo® Lateral Turning System

ToTo® Lateral Turning System

Featuring the NEW Toto Touch control unit

ToTo® Lateral Turning System

Regular manual turning of patients can be intrusive, particularly during the night and frequently resulting in disturbed sleep.

For clinicians and carers, this can also be a significant use of resources. The Toto automated turning system now offers an alternative when manual repositioning when it is not possible or tolerated by the patient.

Comprising a lifting and turning platform with a control unit, the Toto system gently moves patients at regular intervals to assist with patient turning and pressure injury prevention plans and reducing the dependency on carers and nursing staff.1

The Toto system fits any hospital bed and can be used in conjunction with standard or alternating mattresses. The system is easy to fold and transport, allowing for short term use if required


Toto Touch control unit

The Toto Touch digital control unit provides customised care with a user determined side selection feature and pre-set inflation and rest durations.

A convenient therapy pause mode enables patient interaction without having to stop therapy and a service indicator to maintain performance also comes as standard.


Toto Rental

Until now, if Toto is the right solution for your patient, capital purchase was the only option. Whilst this may be suitable for patients that require the system for a prolonged period of time, it doesn’t provide flexibility for short term use, or where additional systems may be required temporarily such as to facilitate patient discharge.

Toto rental now provides a solution to meet all patients’ needs.
This service is available nationwide supported by a network of service centres providing a next day2 delivery service to both hospitals and the community.

Technical support is also available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


To learn more about Toto® Rental please download the brochure or contact us using the button below.

1. Victoria Warner. Evaluating the e ectiveness of a new Lateral Turning System to aid Patient Repositioning using Dynamic Interface Pressure Mapping, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
2. For orders placed before 12pm.


A unique, lateral turning system

  • Fits on any bed (underneath the mattress)
  • Can be used with alternating air mattress
  • Compatible with profiling beds (back-lift and knee break), and even operates when profiled!
  • ToTo PG (programmable) can gently tilt from side to side when programmed
  • Specifically designed to help maintain tissue viability – inflates to 30 degrees
  • Now being used in major teaching hospitals


Specifications of our Lateral Turning System

  • The Base Unit Fits onto a standard single bed – plus special sizes on request
  • ToTo PG programmable turning
  • Automated turning cycle with user-controlled tilt and rest times
  • Very gentle lift (approx 30 minutes) to avoid disturbing sleep
  • Whisper-quiet operation (65db)
  • Lifts to 30 degrees
  • Does Work with alternating mattresses