What is the Your Turn Campaign

Pressure sores are estimated to currently costs the NHS up to £4 billion a year *, yet reporting of their prevalence in our hospitals, care homes and in the community remains voluntary.

Your Turn is working with MPs, health professionals, patients and carers to make reporting of all incidents of pressure sores mandatory – to make clearly visible the scale of the issue, and ensure that the number of patients suffering from this painful condition is greatly reduced.

Your Turn are working politically to raise this issue on the healthcare agenda.

Your Turn are working with healthcare professionals providing them with an educational and awareness campaign that they can use locally to reduce pressure sore prevalence.

Your Turn are working with carers and patients to promote awareness and understanding of how pressure sores occur and how they can be avoided.

To find out more please visit the Your Turn website. Click here

* Clark M, Bours G, Defloor T. The prevalence of pressure ulcers in Europe. In Recent Advances in Tissue Viability (Ed M Clark), 2004, Quay Books, Salisbury.** Bennett, G. Dealey, C. & Posnett, J. (2004) the cost of pressure ulcers in the UK. Age and ageing, 33p230-235